These APIs can be used by the Tax Payers or Transporters or GST Suvidha Providers. The tax payers or transporters can have the following benefits by having API interface with their systems:

  • Duplicate or double entry of invoice can be avoided. Generally, the employees of the tax payers enter the sales details in their computerised system and generate the invoice. After that they will come to e-way bill system and generate the e-way bill.
  • Mistakes while generating e-way bill can be avoided. In a hurry to generate the e-way bill, the employee may do a mistake in data entry of e-way bill form, resulting in generation of incorrect e-way bill.
  • Two prints of invoice and e-way bill can be avoided. That is, transporter or driver of the vehicle can be given invoice print only and on that invoice print, the e-way bill number can be written.
  • In manual process, the tax payer cannot link the e-way bill with invoice number in his system. Once, the tax payer uses the API interface, he can write the e-way bill number along with the invoice details in his system automatically.