On-boarding Process

  • GSP/Taxpayers/Transporter who wish to use API interface, should get short-listed in the list provide by the GSTN.
  • GSP/Taxpayers/Transporter should send the request to ewaybill[dot]api[dot]helpdesk[at]gmail[dot]com for pre-production (sandbox) API access from their registered Email ID.
  • we will provide the credential for API's on pre-production testing, thorough testing will help the users to know the working of API's.
  • Once they have finished the testing of all Indian static API's in Pre-production environment, they have to fill their complete test results in the test Summary report and they have to complete all the formalities like IP white-listing, etc to move to Production by communicating with the Email ID nicmof[at]nic[dot]in.
  • Once they get the Production access, after logging into the e-way bill system, the tax payer or transporter has to select the ‘For API’ option under ‘Registration’ menu to create their logins for API access.
  • If the Taxpayer or Transporter is having multiple place of business with same PAN number, then they can use same client-id and secret of their main business place but they have to create their own user name and password in ewaybill system .
  • Taxpayers/Transporters who wish to use the API's through GSP's have to select the ‘For GSP’ option under ‘Registration’ menu and select their GSP in the dropdown provided and create their own own user name and password.